A Modern-Day Hidden Bar and Speakeasy 


The Blue Goose is a hidden bar modeled after the infamous speakeasies that dotted America during the prohibition era. Named after a café that was located in the Elk Lodge basement near the turn of the century, the bar offers an eclectic selection of classic cocktails and other drinks inspired by the roaring and rebellious 1920s bootlegging industry. The Blue Goose also offers a selection of choice food to complement your beverage, including tacos, sandwiches, and sharable snack plates.

An Authentic Hidden Speakeasy Experience  


The Blue Goose has its foundation in the zeitgeist of the 1920s and maintains a rich, turn-of-the-century atmosphere to transport you back to the prohibition era of American history, all while you enjoy exceptional food and drinks. 

True to the speakeasies of old, the Blue Goose is hidden. Not just anyone can get in — only those who can decipher the clues and find it. See if you can find a hint nearby as to the whereabouts of the Blue Goose’s secret entrance.  

When you’re in the mood for a treat, the Blue Goose turns up the heat with signature drinks and specialty cocktails. Whether you’re after the challenge of sleuthing out the Goose’s secrets, or you just want to enjoy the atmosphere of a meticulously recreated early 20th century speakeasy, the Blue Goose has something for everyone. 

Rent The Blue Goose for Your Private Event 


With a maximum capacity of 40 people, The Blue Goose is available to rent for private events and parties. If you’re interested in renting out the Blue Goose, email for more information. 

Reservations not required for The Blue Goose. Hours dependent on private events and capacity.


Blue Goose Speakeasy  


Wed – Sat   

5 PM – 12 AM  

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